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Your property is your investment towards a secure and stable future whilst providing a tangible asset meant for your loved ones and family to share infinite memories. We recognize the great sense of pride that ownership brings. However, that very property can be a vehicle to deliver a return on investment for one of your most precious and valuable assets.

A partnership with Eastmond Villas ensures that we fight on your behalf to ensure the most beneficial situations for our owners, whilst primarily focusing on targets such as acquiring suitable guests for each of our partnered holiday rentals. We believe this experience should be unmatched for both guests and home owners alike, but in a simplistic fashion.

With Eastmond Villas, our boutique-like approach guarantees that your investment garners the limelight, focus and attention it requires to be a success. We’re an ever-growing company who continues to leverage networking in order to expand our relationships to new and existing tour operators, real estate agents and other major players and platforms across the globe.

Benefits & Advantages

Ownership of a stunning villa presents a unique opportunity and is more than just an investment; it's a chance to share a slice of paradise. But maximizing its return requires a partner who understands the discerning tastes of luxury travelers and the intricacies of the island's rental market.

At Eastmond Villas, we go beyond simply listing your property. We become its dedicated ambassador, leveraging our expertise and extensive network to curate an unparalleled guest experience that translates into exceptional returns for you. Envision a team of dedicated professionals tirelessly working to ensure your property reaches its full earning potential, all while providing exceptional service that sets you apart from the competition.

This is the Eastmond Villas difference. We offer a comprehensive approach to villa management, meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional results for our valued owners. Eastmond Villas elevates your ownership experience by guaranteeing:

The Best Representation There Is

Listing your home is a huge decision and one that is never to be taken lightly. Our agents recognize the importance of constant development, training and growth. You can rest assured that their continual learning translates into looking after our owners in the best possible ways.

Overall Growth In ROI (Return On Investment) & Overall Annual Revenue

As probably one of your most valuable fixed assets, Eastmond Villas will leave no stone unturned in our quest to take full advantage of available calendar dates. We work in connection with the major platforms, agencies and other affiliates related to the tourism industry. We continuously strive to expand our networking database to ensure that there is no cap on our global reach. This then translates to you, our partnered owners.

Zero Fees...Therefore NO FINANCIAL RISK!

That's correct. There are absolutely no setup costs, annual payments or initial fees. Our model is performance based. Therefore, the onus remains on Eastmond Villas to deliver as the rewards for our services are based solely on our own productivity.

Augmented Exposure To Focused Marketing Networks

Our strategy and vision are focused on tailored targeting to the key demographics we feel can best appreciate your property. We understand the importance of customer experience in making final decisions.

Social Media & Digital Platforms

The future. We seek to maximize exposure through social media and other digital advertising spaces. Breaking code to have case specific targets, accurate use of metrics and analytics along with demographic targeting will form the basis of our tactical approach.

Accessible 24/7

Hard work separates us. Eastmond Villas prides itself on providing timely communication at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Differentiate & Separate Your Property from Traditional Crowded Platforms

Let us help put the limelight your property deserves. Being overly reliant on the traditional means of exposure or inadequate combinations of strategies will result in an unsustainable model of operation. The success of a property may also be hindered by dilution in the traditional "marketplaces". Top tier service, leverage of networks and relationships along with strong visibility will always break the mold. The aim of Eastmond Villas is to ensure our partnered properties receive the best visibility possible.

We welcome external interest in the use of our platform and services. To be considered however, the following are a few of our requirements:

  • Proof Of Ownership
  • Proof Of Insurance
  • High Resolution Professional Photos
  • Access To Availability Calendar (API/ICAL Access)
  • Other Pertinent Rental Information (nightly rates & pricing, services included or offered, check in/out policies etc)

Submit Your Property

Having understood the above, interested parties are encouraged to fill out the below form and submit their property to be given consideration. Kindly ensure all details given are accurate. Once submitted, a member of our team will review and be in touch accordingly.